How to Wash Shoes in the Washing Machine

Many different types of shoes can be cleaned in the washing machine, saving you plenty of time. Whether your shoes are covered in mud or just need a freshen up, it’s important to follow recommended steps to wash them in your washing machine without damaging them. Keep reading to find out how to get your comfy kicks nice and clean with minimal effort.

Which Shoes Can You Wash in the Machine?

The first step you should take is to check your shoes’ care instructions for specific recommendations – not all shoes are suitable to be machine-washed. Generally, shoes made from nylon, cotton and polyester are safe to wash, as these materials are very durable, but we always recommend making sure by reading the label before washing.

Dirty shoes


Remove any loose dirt from the shoes as well as the laces. If you need to scrub them to get the dirt off, we recommend using a brush with softer bristles, soap and lukewarm water. This will help the washing machine do its job more effectively.



Put your shoes inside a wash bag or pillowcase to prevent them from getting tangled and then place them in the washer. You can also add some towels to balance out the load and prevent the shoes from loudly banging around inside your washing machine.

Washing machine

Time and Washing Detergent

We recommend using a liquid detergent and running the machine on a cold delicate cycle to prevent the colours of your shoes from running or fading. Depending on your washing machine, the wash time varies from 30 to 40 minutes.



Always let your shoes air dry, as using a dryer will damage the glue that keeps them together and could warp them. Use some scrunched up newspaper inside to absorb excess moisture and ensure your shoes dry in the correct shape.


And there you have it, your shoes look brand new, or at the very least are squeaky clean!