New Year, New Cleaning Motivation

We all have days when we can’t seem to find anything to motivate us. If your dirty dishes are piling up and there are more clothes on your floor than in your wardrobe, it’s time to get motivated to clean up. Read on for a few simple steps that will help you to rediscover your cleaning mojo.

Start Small

Forcing yourself to clean the whole house, especially if you haven’t done any cleaning for a few days, will most likely kill any motivation you do have before you’ve had a chance to boost it. The best way to start is with a small task that will quickly give you a sense of satisfaction once you’ve completed it. This could include:

  • Making the bed
  • Washing all the dishes
  • Taking out the trash

By starting small, you will quickly accomplish the task and increase your motivation levels.

Pick a Room

Pick just one room to focus on for a few days, and remember we are still starting small and trying to build up a habit, so it’s important not to feel overwhelmed. Clear clutter. Polish and vacuum it. Treat any scratches or stains.  Make a point to clean it every day or twice a day.

Create a Routine

Cleaning can become a healthy habit if you build it into a routine that suits your needs. Make sure that your routine is realistic as well as flexible to keep your motivation high.

Our top trick is to reward yourself once you have completed your cleaning routine, especially in the beginning, when it’s not yet a habit. Having a clean home might not be enough to keep your motivation up, which is perfectly fine; in that case, give yourself a small treat every time you stick to your goals.

Set a Timer

A part of your routine could be setting a specific amount of time for your cleaning. For some people, this makes it feel more manageable and, therefore, more motivating.

Play Some Music

Who said cleaning couldn’t be fun? One way of achieving this is by playing your favourite tunes while you make your house sparkle. Another trick is to play the TV or a podcast in the background. If you always play the same series or music as you clean, you can use it as a trigger for you to start cleaning.

Take a Break

Sometimes we lack motivation because we are experiencing burnout. In that case, the best solution is to take a break and allow yourself to relax. You can always get back into the routine once you are well-rested.